Training Sales
May 31 2013, by Admin

Training or development training for company employees has many benefits both for the employees themselves and for the company. Employees will increase in knowledge, potential and skill, which will have positive implications for the company. Companies always need competent personnel in their field to improve the company's profit rate, so that proper recruitment and coaching of employees becomes an important thing to be considered. Training as one of the media to improve the ability of employees will be an effective tool also to improve the company's profit rate.
There are many benefits that can be exploited from the results of training or development training. The following is a summary of the benefits of employee training and training in general, from the point of view of the various parties involved.

  with the theme SALES TRANSFORMATION PT. Cahaya Benteng Mas can provide training that certainly provides many benefits for the company and Sales welfare in order to improve their performance in attracting consumers as much as possible.

With this training, CBM Sales can be better trained and skilled so that professionalism can be improved, in addition to increase experience and knowledge for Sales CBM bring in professional speakers in their field.